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            Shoestring Productions of Brandywine Valley is a small repertory troupe who, in response to a need in the community for quality children's theatre, have created and produced for touring many original musical shows aimed at school-aged audiences.  In addition to allowing for our own creativity and sense of artistic accomplishment, we also attempt to challenge and develop the student audience to which we play.  This is an age in which so much of young people's involvement in recreation activity is of a passive nature (TV and video games).  We feel that in order to strike a balance and to challenge their minds, exposure and involvement in cultural activities is essential.  The key word here is involvement, whether it be through active participation in our workshops or active participation as an audience.

          Audience education is vital to the future of the arts, but more important is its value as a tool for developing aesthetic judgment in the child and for teaching the value of communication skills in different modes.  Artistic involvement fosters critical thinking skills.  The faster the pace of civilization, the greater the need for these skills and the kind of recreation creative arts can afford.  To this end, our programs are designed to entertain, educate, and involve the viewers and participants.

HISTORY / Continuing WORK

            Shoestring has been creating original musicals for children and forwarding musical theatre education since 1977.  We have  performed in four states and Washington, D.C. for thousands of young people over the years.

            We acted as Official Representatives of The State of Delaware in a performance at The Old Post Office in Washington, DC at the request our Senator.

            Created original musicals for audiences at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA:

“The Wizard of Oz”,  “Alice in Wonderland”,  “The Wind in the Willows”,  “Dinosaurs” (Created Leroy and Lizzie – extinct dinosaurs with a message on ecology), and “A Christmas Carol”

            Created safety programs for children through the DuPont Company.

            Additional commissioned works from Delaware Foundation for Early Childhood Development, DFRC, advancing the cause of Delawareans with Cognitive Disabilities, as well as The Hellenic Association of Delaware.


            Each Christmas season, Shoestring recreates the music of earlier times in costume with our Victorian caroling group, “The Yuletide Singers”.  The history of The Yuletide Singers includes nearly two decades of performances at Longwood Gardens, three Christmas parties for the Governor of Delaware and singing twice at The White House.

           Shoestring continues to work collaboratively with community organizations to expand musical theatre education for young people.  (Saint Edmond’s Academy, Einstein Academy, Delaware State Parks, City of Wilmington Parks and Recreation, The New Candlelight Theatre, Wilmington Montessori School)

           We perform in many venues: public parks, museums, libraries, community centers, as well as schools.

           We provide flexible programming for space, audience size and costing. 


Shoestring Productions of Brandywine Valley

is pleased to offer original, professional touring shows

to schools and organizations throughout the Delaware Valley.

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Shoestring Productions of Brandywine Valley


a Little Production for Little Learners...


Shoestring Productions of Brandywine Valley (non-profit/tax-exempt), specialists in original musical theatre for young audiences, has created a mini-musical for ages 3-6 featuring our amazingly talented and funny friend, “Macaroni”.  Using juggling, balloon “puppets”, and music, “Macaroni” will engage and entertain your children with an interactive show about…well, being nice!  Using the magic words “please” and “thank you”, demonstrating good social skills, and getting along with others are key concepts.  To extend the lesson, a CD or MP3 file of the theme song, “Be Nice”, is provided for teachers.

We would love to bring our show to your children!

Available for the 2014-15 school year, “Be Nice” continues the Shoestring tradition of providing entertainment for those keeping to a“shoestring” budget.  Happily,  PARTIAL FUNDING FROM GRANT SOURCES AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO BOOK EARLY!


Contact  Deb DeHart, General Manager, at 302-762-0505

or at info@brandywineshoestringproductions.com

for further information or to book a performance.

Hope to hear from you soon!!

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