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for SUMMER, 2019! 

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SUMMER 2019 - Dates / Pricing:                               


Shoestring Summer Showcase  -  June 17-28  /  $395


Theatreworks: Drama Skills   -  July 8-12  /  $170*

Theatreworks: "The Play's the Thing"  -  July 9-13  /  $180*

        * Enroll in both classes and save $45.00


SNEAKERS  -  July 15-19  /  $120


NEW: "Hey, I Want That Part..." -  July 15-19  /  $185 


NEW: IMAGINATION STATION - July 29 - August 2 / $165


NEW: Theatreworks, Jr. - July 29 - August 2 / $170

The cast of "The Dancing Princesses" on tour,

Shoestring's  Summer Showcase - 2018


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Original musical for young audiences performed by young people ages 9-16.

Six days of rehearsal and four days of local touring.  Class size limited. 

Audition required (by appointment)*

Saint Edmond’s Academy:

         June 17-21,  noon to 3:00 PM

June -24-28, 9:00-2:30 PM  (including local tour Tues-Thurs / public performance Friday)

Fee: $395.00


Drama Skills

Basic theatre skills explored through monologues, theatre games, scene study, and improvisation. 

No audition required.  Ages 9-15. 

St. Edmond’s Academy.

July 8-12, 9:30-11:30 AM

Fee:  $170.00

“The Play’s the Thing”

Mini-production of a play for young people ages 9-15.

Costumed “sharing” presentation at the end of last class. 

No audition required. 

May be taken in conjunction with Drama Skills or on its own. 

Saint Edmond’s Academy.

July 8-12, 12:00-3:00PM

Fee:  $180.00

Enroll in both Theatreworks classes and fee is reduced by $45.00.


Introduction to musical theatre for our youngest actors (ages 6-8).   

No audition required.

Saint Edmond’s Academy.

July 25-19, 9:30-11:00 AM

Fee:  $120.00

NEW!  -  "Hey, I Want That Part! What Do I Do Now?"

Intensive musical theatre audition skills taught by musical theatre directors. Focus on individual strengths and areas to improve in monologue choice and presentation, song choice and presentation. Approach to cold readings, dance step “vocabulary” and tips for dance audition, resumes, audition etiquette, and how to load your “toolkit” (like reducing audition anxiety) to achieve your best audition. If you are serious about getting cast and well cast, this class is for you. Ages 11-17. 

Diagnostic audition by appointment required.*

St Edmond’s Academy.
        July 15-19, Noon to 3:00 PM

Fee: $185.00


For aspiring young writers and actors looking for an experience to create within a theatrical context (monologues, short scenes, foundation for creating a larger work such as a skit or play) and extend command of spoken and written language. Improve ability to communicate with your audience. Bring iPad

or laptop to class. Culminates with performance of materials written during the class. Ages 11-16.

St. Edmond’s Academy
        July 29-August 2, 9:00-11:30

Fee: $165.00

NEW!  -  Theatreworks, Jr.

  • Version of “The Play’s the Thing” for ages 7-9. - mini-production of an age appropriate play.
    Costumed “sharing” presentation at the end of last class.

  • No audition required.

  • St. Edmond’s Academy
           July 29-August 2, 12-2:30 PM
  • Fee: $170.00

Private coaching sessions in Musical Theatre for Teens

Prepping an important audition?  Specific goals addressed on an individual basis.

Diagnostic audition required.  

Fee: $35.00 for an hour session. at mutually convenient time.

Please CONTACT US to schedule an audition or for more information.

  • Shoestring Productions is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded for the education and entertainment of young audiences and training for youth in theatre and musical theatre.
  • *Primary auditions for students new to the program by appointment on March 30, 2019 for
  • “Summer Showcase” and “Hey, I Want That Part! What Do I Do Now?”

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